Our Mission

We see a need.

Everyday, we see people making the difficult decision about where their next meal will come from. For their pets — who have no voice in these decisions — it can mean the difference between life and death. Urban Underdogs is not a rescue, but a means to help companion animals stay out of local shelters.

We judge no one, for their circumstances. For some it came from losing a job, or a home, or from bankruptcy. Our clients include the homeless,  veterans, unemployed, and underemployed. They are your neighbors, your friends, and your family.

We’re on a mission.

Urban Underdogs is a non-profit organization created to help animals in underserved communities in the Las Vegas Valley. We’re an ALL-VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION incorporated in the state of Nevada providing food for companion animals, animal welfare education, and negotiating basic emergency pet services.

We’re hard at work.

We were founded in May 2016 and in only 7 shorts months provided over 1,150 meals to dogs and cats in need. Our goal for 2017 was to deliver 5000 meals, but by July 2017 we had already served over 15,000 meals which, equates to over 4400 pounds of dog and cat food.

Through our Paw Partners we’ve helped get over 65 dogs and cats spay or neutered — which we hope to increase by 20% in 2017.

We’ve taken a stand.

Each and every day we're:


Building open and honest relationships through communication and transparency.

Committed to the diversity of ideas and people.

Demonstrating our trustworthiness by honoring our commitments.

Conducting ourselves with integrity when dealing with animals, people and organizations.

Dedicated to the type of collaboration that brings innovation to where others cannot.

Passionate about community education being the key to the success of animal welfare.

Serious about helping without taking ourselves too seriously.