Our Wishlist

Pet Supplies

  • High quality dry dog and cat food (Please No Beneful)

  • High quality dry Dog and cat Food – Grain Free (Please No Beneful)

  • Single serving size flip top wet dog and cat food (Please No Beneful)

  • Dog and cat treats (all sizes)

  • Dog & Cat toys, kongs  (all sizes)

  • Dog/Cat harnesses (S, M, L, XL, XXL)

  • Dog/Cat Collars (S, M, L, XL, XXL)

  • Dog/Cat leashes

  • Dog/Cat Crates with Plastic Bottoms (all sizes)

  • Dog/Cat Wire Kennels (all sizes)

  • Stainless steel bowls

  • Dog/Cat Strollers

  • 4-5lb bags of clumping cat litter

  • Gallon size Ziploc bags (which we use to repackage dog and cat food)   

  • Puppy pads

  • Dog waste bags

  • Gift cards for Walmart, PetSmart, Petco (to be used to purchase companion animal items which have not been donated)

Office Supplies

  • Printer Ink HP 951 Color & Black and White

  • Postage Stamps for mailing donation letters, applications, and other business related documents

  • Copy paper

  • Post its (all sizes)

Please call us at 702.683.3531 or email us at: info@urbanunderdogs.org to schedule a donation pickup.

Please note we take new and gently used items