Teddy Bear . . . Urban "UnderKAT"

In our mission to help support animals, we become so focused on their well-being we sometimes forget what an important and integral member of the family they really are.  Here is a beautiful and inspirational testimonial from a wonderful family who epitomizes what we strive to be at Urban Underdogs.

“Three months ago, I was in a fix and I needed food and litter for my cat Teddy Bear. I called Urban Underdogs and Cynthia.  She's such an angel, she brought food and litter for baby boy.   With her help, it allowed me to feed Teddy for several months until I could get back on my feet. On Facebook I follow an organization called Fussie Cat. I told them my story about Teddy and what a wonderful cat he is. Today, in the mail, I received a wonderful letter along with a voucher for a free 10 lb. bag of dry food or a case of wet food for sharing my story, on the Fussie Cat Facebook Page. Now I'm one of those people that believe in paying it forward. Without any hesitation, I called Cynthia and Urban Underdogs. I told her Teddy and I would like to donate the voucher that was given to us, to Urban Underdogs, so that they can continue their mission of helping pets in need. I appreciate Cynthia because she took time to help me when I was in need. Urban Underdogs is a wonderful organization!!  Thanks to them and angels like Cynthia, fur babies don't have to go hungry God Bless.”


Darlene and Teddy Bear have allowed us to share the inspirational story they submitted to Fussie Cat, so please read on. 


“Hi my name is Darlene and I live in Las Vegas.  Everybody in Las Vegas has a story, mine is about a cat named Teddy Bear. 5 years ago, my life hit rock bottom and I was ready to just to say the heck with it.  That day, I took my trash out to the dumpster, and was thinking that I just couldn’t go on. Instead my life changed forever. In the bottom of the dumpster lay a helpless little white kitten.  He looked about 4 weeks old.  Now, how anybody could have put him in there is beyond me.  At that moment, I knew God had sent me there to help save his life. But, as it turns out . . . he saved mine. I took him to my apartment and that's where our story begins. I went to the store and bought a baby bottle for kittens and a can of Enfamil, which is generally used to feed human babies. Every 2 hours I sat with him and fed him. I set my alarm clock for every 2 hours during the night to wake up and feed him. As he slept in my bed with me . . . my heart fell for him.  I fell in love.  Hours turned into days and his struggle was hard; but those days soon turned into weeks and he got stronger, healthier and he started to play. He looks like a little white teddy bear and that's how he got his name. Those weeks soon turned into months and what a great little boy he was growing up to be. Now, my Teddy Bear is 5 years old and I love him more than anything in this world.  In return, on a daily basis, he shows me how much love he has for me. That fateful day five years ago, when I took out my trash; I knew it was going to be my last day on Earth.  Instead it turned into the first day of having a loving caring fur baby who has a forever home and will forever be in my heart. I saved his life that day and in return he saved mine. I am so thankful to have him.  I'm so thankful for the five years we've had together and I look forward to at least 15 more with him. So, next time you see a little helpless animal on the road, in a dumpster or hiding behind a bush, take them into your home and into your heart.  I promise you won't be sorry, because the reward you will reap will be unconditional love. Thank you, Teddy and Darlene.”